loop of the week #4 – the hash golem

A Scanner DarklyEpisode 4 of the loop of the week challenge : chilling with Bob Arctor and his borderline schizophrenic friends.

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- Well, see, you take a huge block of hash and carve it in the shape of a man. Then you hollow out a section and put a wind-up motor like a clockworks in it, and a little cassette tape, and you stand in line with it, and then just before it goes through customs you wind up the key and it walks up to the customs man, who says to it, 'Do you have anything to declare?' and the block of hash says, 'No, I don't,' and keeps on walking. Until it runs down on the other side of the border.

- You could put a solar-type battery in it instead of a spring and it could keep walking for years. Forever.

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