teo & phunkdub – insomnia

J'éprouve comme... une difficulté d'être.

“J'éprouve comme... une difficulté d'être.”

Jee-sus, what time is it ? How many loops of the week did I skip ? Life’s been busy, time is short, and winter is coooold but the mushroom sound is still very much active despite the silence… My good friend Phunkdub from Royal Soul Records (São Paulo’s first Nujazz/Nufunk/Downbeat label) was kind enough to visit us and, as a result, some music was made!


In this track we explore the inner workings of the human brain as sleep is playing hard to get, and we reach the conclusion that the presence of a muse can help taming those fidgety beta waves.

Production by Phunkdub & Teo, digging & scratches by Gantz.

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