// loop of the week #11 – le luneux


Photo by Dipti Vaidya

Episode 11 of the loop of the week challenge: Marie Yacoub sings the blind man’s manifest. A strange time warp allows Lisa Lee & Busy Bee to bring support to her bittersweet vocals.


 // loop of the week #7 – where is she?

Twin Peaks by Tim Doyle

Twin Peaks by Tim Doyle

Episode 7 of the loop of the week challenge: communication becomes erratic and struggles its way through static noise and parasitic thoughts.


A deep and noisy drum’n’bass soundscape loosely based on the famous twin peaks theme.

 // loop of the week #3 – vegan poetry

Episode 3 of the loop of the week challenge : Contact meets Björk, Vega collides with Earth, a declaration from outer space.


IAN BRODERICK - Deposition is confirmed. We’ve got 4.4623 Ghz. Confirmed, we’ve got 112 janskys.
ELLIE - Alright, do you have a source location yet?
IAN BRODERICK - We put it right smack in the middle : Vega.

 // loop of the week #1 – tekken

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